McMurrich Co-operative


McMurrich is a parent run co-operative; our parents are responsible for everything from organizing program enrichment to managing the budget. This level of involvement provides parents with a unique opportunity to have direct input into creating the environment they want for their children.

Each family assumes an administrative role or job for the duration of the school year. Parents may choose to be members of our Board of Directors. They will be expected to participate in meetings throughout the year to discuss the operation of the playschool.

In addition, one parent or caregiver from each family can participate in an optional duty day at the school, assisting teachers for the morning. This duty day is optional and flexible and parents/caregivers can volunteer when it’s convenient for them. Each family is unique and may need flexibility with duty days—perhaps they have a newborn—or they need to take time off work. Whatever the reason, we are flexible.

Being a part of a co-operative requires time and energy, but the rewards are well worth the investment. The parents at MCPS learn from each others experiences and develop close and lasting friendships.


McMurrich Cooperative Playschool is licensed by the Ministry of Education. Our school is run by the cooperating families who make up the Board of Directors. MCPS is a member of the Parent Cooperative Preschool Corporation (PCPC). 

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